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With our do-it-yourself solution creator, it has never been easier to upload trustworthy and immutable data directly to the IOTA blockchain. Start by using your own Google Form, or a pre-designed template and customize it to meet your specific needs. Our system will automatically review your form structure and you can choose which form fields to include on each blockchain transaction.

Each form entry can be shown and shared in an easy-to-read timeline for quick accessibility.




Digitalizing learning records is the future!

An easy-to-use digital transforming blockchain automation service that marries validated and time-stamped learning records onto a sharable public digital resume for your event participants.

  • Participants are the sole owner of their authenticated data
  • The learning records are immutable once authenticated
  • Participants can decide which authenticated learning records get listed on the resume
  • Customizable content
  • All resumes are time-stamped after authentication
  • All resumes can be downloaded or shared publicly

Works for all levels of personnel:

How does the Learning Curve app easily certify immutable academic record onthe blockchain?

Each NFT creation= 1 transaction

Steps to mint your NFT:

When Uploading A File:

When Downloading A File:

Steps To Secure Your Files:

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Usage Rate:

SmartIP uses two parts of your monthly plan quota: Transactions and Data Allowance.

Data allowance is calculated by the size of upload and downloads of each file you store on IPFS. Both upload and download sizes are calculated because of the file encryption, we need to "lock" and "unlock" your data with the unique key generated by FiO for your data security.

For each file uploaded to IPFS, there is an IOTA blockchain transaction to transparently confirm the time of upload.

If you installed NFT Creator, you must agree these below:

  • I understand that the success rate of creating an NFT is not 100%, in the event that the NFT transaction has failed, there will be no refund available.
  • FiO does NOT endorse violent or porngraphic content, the minted NFT will be burnt at your cost at the disgression of FiO. For more information regarding this policy, please Contact Us.
  • I agree to FiO Terms of Service

One authenticated form = 1 transaction

Interaction between a teacher and a student:
Send form > receives form > authenticate form >
recorded onto blockchain = 1 transaction

Free digital resume for students

Students get a free digital public resume per each app.